Not Your Competition

Not Your Competition

Do you feel threatened by the Mom down the street that has a fancy camera (that may even be better than yours)? Are you afraid that one day she may become amazing and steal your potential clients away? I have news for you; She is Not Your Competition.

If that scenario sounds at all familiar, then let me ask you a few more questions.

How committed are you to achieving your goals? How much time and energy are you willing to invest in mastering your craft? Do you have a drive to become a master at what you do or will you settle for good enough?

Personally, I don’t want to be good enough, or mediocre, I want to be the best and that desire will drive me toward my goals until the day that I die.

Anyone can take pretty pictures, but if photography is your business, then it will take a lot more than a fancy camera.

It will take skill and expertise in:

Customer Service




Camera Settings

Equipment (Reflectors, Lenses, etc and knowing what to use and when)





What Makes You Unique?

Instead of looking at the Mom with a Fancy Camera as a setback, use it to push you to become better at what you do. Focus on what makes you uniquely you. No one else has what you have or can offer what you do. Pour your heart and soul into what you do and no one else will ever be exactly like you and people will be drawn to your because you are genuine and authentic. There are enough people in this world trying to be exactly like everyone else. I say; flaunt what makes you different and be genuine.

Create A Legacy

Connect with people. Pay attention to them. Listen to them. Listen more than you speak. You are there to serve them. Give them a service they will never forget. Not just beautiful images. Then every time they look at those images they will not only remember the person in them, they will remember the experience behind them. That is how you create a legacy and how you grow your business. That is why you will have people coming back to you 20 years from now for portraits because you’ve given them an unforgettable experience.

Be confident. Be bold. Be courageous and above all be filled with love. There’s no room for petty rivalries and jealousy in this field. Become a Master at what you do, and then reach behind you and pull the others up along with you.