Spring Cleaning time at Kimberly Hatch Photography

Spring Cleaning

My Newborn Photography studio in East Rochester, NY.

A Time to Reflect, Collect, and Organize

The Spring Cleaning fever has hit me hard and I spent this Easter weekend cleaning out my studio and doing some much needed reorganizing. I’ve spent the last several months slowly building up my collection of wraps, props, outfits, and furs and I wanted to display them in a way that I could access them quickly during my photo shoots.

Spring Cleaning

New Backdrops

In the photo above you can see one of my new backdrops and “floors” from Intuition Backgrounds. I’ve come a long way from where I started out. Twelve years ago when I had my first job managing a portrait studio I used to buy two King sized sheets from Walmart and sew them together to make a backdrop. My motto used to be, “It’s not what you use, but HOW you use it that counts.” It was good training on how to use ingenuity to get the job done, but my tastes and aspirations have come a long way since then. Photography isn’t a hobby for me, it is my career, my life, my art, and my passion. In order for me to create the beautiful images that I imagine in my head, I need quality materials to make that dream come to life. That’s why I’ve been investing in the studio little by little until I feel that the tools at my disposal are worthy of the vision in my mind.

Bean Bag Fabrics

Spring Cleaning Backdrop Fabric

Beanbag Fabrics and an example of one in use

Fabrics are very important to a Newborn Photographer and not just any fabric will do. My favorite fabric store is Roses and Ruffles because everything I buy from them perfectly covers my beanbag and helps me to create timeless images for my clients. Although the baby is the star in every photo, the little details that go into designing the shoot are important because they will either enhance the photo or draw attention away from the subject.


And last but not least, I’ve expanded my collection of Newborn Outfits! I can’t wait to try these on a tiny baby. All of these outfits are by Mia Joy Studio because not only is she extremely talented, we share the same tastes and style.

Spring Cleaning Newborn Outfits

Vintage Inspired and Lace Newborn Outfits

Spring Cleaning Lace and Pearl Outfit

Close-up details on the pearl buttons in the back.

Spring Cleaning Baby Hats

Hats are by No. 2 Willow Lane

So what’s next? If you’ve noticed, my walls look a little bare. I have new canvas gallery wrap samples on the way to decorate! If you are interested in scheduling a photo shoot for your Newborn, please Contact Me today!